Quilt that folds into a lovely pillow!


Size:As a quilt: 45X56"(110X140cm) approximately. As a cushion 17X17"(45X45cm) 


100% cotton




Cuddle up in a soft, cotton quillow. These bright and cheery quilt pillows are great for snuggling up under in front of the telly, and they fold up to look like cushions when not in use. Quillows are magic quilts -great for using as a warm blanket which turns into a pillow when not in use, helping to save on the heating bills and looking pretty. Have them in the sitting room; take them on picnics; keep one in the car for a comfortable back support and you have an emergency blanket – they really are versatile. No more extra bedding to fill your storage cupboard for guests - just scatter these quillows on sofas, and beds, childrens' rooms, holiday homes or caravans and whip them open when needed. Quillows are available in two sizes: REGULAR and LARGE. A REGULAR QUILLOW is ideal for children or for the sofa, they are great as a cushion and easy to throw open when you need warmth. The size of a regular quillow as a cushion is 17"X17" and when it is opened up, it becomes a quilt measuring 56"X45". A LARGE QUILLOW works well on the sofa as well as on the bed. As a cushion, it measures 25"X25" which magically opens up to become a 5 ft wide quilt (60"X90"), which is enough for two people to share on the sofa, or as extra bedding for guests. Quillows make wonderful gifts and ideal University going-away presents too. .


Regular Quillow