A perfect gift for creatives, textile enthusiasts and complete beginners with an interest in sustainable fashion. Learn about natural dyes with a 12 page booklet about the craft and dye your own silk scarf and lace with additional ideas and advice for future projects.


Colours will vary depending on how much of each dye is used. Colours will be a mix of golds and yellows to oranges, reds and pinks.




• 90x90cm 100% silk pongee 5 scarf

• 2m vintage cotton lace/broiderie anglaise

• 5g soda ash (enough for the scarf + lace)

• 3.5g Alum Potassium Sulphate (enough for scarf + lace)

• 5g dried marigold

• 20 eucalyptus leaves

• 5g madder root powder

• 10m cotton yarn

• Rusty nails to make iron water 


Natural Dye Kit - make your own scarf